Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Green Papaya & Tofu Salad

The more recipes I test for Robin Robertson's upcoming cookbook Quick Fix Vegan, the more excited I become for its release!  Today's recipe Green Papaya & Tofu Salad was another winner.  Not only was it yummy, but it was a lot of fun to style & photograph because of its great colors & textures. 

True to the concept of the book, all recipes take less than 30 minutes to prepare which has been such a help as I juggle the needs of a baby and two older boys. 

I notoriously avoid routines but even I acknowledge that children need them.  Our local library system is really terrific and I've been able to keep my youngest son occupied and entertained every week with their various free programs.  Returning home, he is ready for a nap and I'm ready to get cooking.  I'm already looking forward to tomorrow's time in the kitchen! 


  1. There's a restaurant here that serves salt n pepper tofu with a green papaya salad but I've never been able to recreate it. Your test meal looks great!

  2. The salad looks so good! Your photos are wonderful!

    I am so happy these recipes fit into your day.

  3. That looks beautiful! I am so jealous you're testing for RR. LOVE HER!

  4. Great looking salad an beautiful pictures. I really love Robin Robertson's cookbooks. Can't wait for this new one because I know a couple of friends could really use this book.