Saturday, November 6, 2010

Asian Vegetable Pancakes

Crispy, thin & flavorful, this was another winner! I don’t fry very often and consequently, I’m not very good at it. Even though this recipe did not require a lot of oil, I had a difficult time maintaining the proper level of heat in the skillet. I burned one side of several of the pancakes and set the smoke alarm off twice! In the end I managed to produce enough pancakes so everyone in the house could sample them. Served with a salty, tangy, spicy, dipping sauce, we all agreed this is another recipe from Ms. Robertson that we (I) will make again. Practice makes perfect and I’ll get my frying techniques down eventually!


  1. Oh man, those look tasty! I'm not a big fryer either, so I hear you on the smoke alarm, heh.