Sunday, November 14, 2010

Roasted Vegetable Tart

If you are arriving here via VegNews, Robin Robertson has graciously allowed me to post this recipe on my site here.  Thanks, Robin!
Before my boys' swim lessons yesterday I was able to chop and toss my wayto a stress-free dinner with this yummy vegetable tart.  It is incredibly satisfying to know I have a nutritious dinner waiting for my family at the end of the daywithout a lot of fuss. Although my children picked around the veggies they don't currently care for, all loved the crunchy, savory topping and base of this tart. 

My littlest guy has decided that 2 AM is Playtime (with the capital "P"!) the last two nights.  After giving in at 4:30 and getting up with him, at 6:30 I'm finally enjoying a cup of coffee while he slumbers.  It's nice to know I have another test recipe waiting for me that will be a snap to prepare!


  1. Is there a recipe?

  2. Yes, a recipe would be wonderful. I'd like to try making this, since you spoke so highly of it. Don't just tease us! :)

  3. So sorry guys, this is a test recipe for Robin Robertson's upcoming book Quick Fix Vegan. It will be released Fall 2011, so I'm not at liberty to share the recipe. I added a post explaining this above, but a lot of people are linking to this from VegNews & haven't seen it. Thanks for reading!