Monday, November 9, 2009

Beet This Salad for Lunch

Beets are one of those foods that seem to get a bad rap. This mystifies those who love them so. In my house, I am the only one who will even eat beets. Lately I’ve taken to keeping a can or two of beets in the fridge. This way they are chilled, ready and waiting anytime I want the cool, mellow flavor of beets to enjoy, all to myself.

This is a hardly a recipe, but good enough to share. It’s one of those times you adjust for personal taste, what you have on hand and how many people you’re preparing for. Thank you to Dragonshoes at Recipe Zaar for providing a vegan ranch dressing recipe that was ready in moments!  (I added a bit of apple cider vinegar to the dressing, but otherwise kept it the same.)

After I photographed the salad, I poured the actual amount of dressing I use onto the salad and topped it with cubes of veggie burger for extra protein. I thought you'd like to see it in it's prettier state, before all that.

I really enjoyed this lunch, even if a big blob of pink-tinted ranch dressing did land on my new keyboard!

Mixed baby greens
Cubed apple
Red onion slices
Whole, small bed beets or slices
Pumpkin seeds
Vegan Ranch Dressing


  1. Which vegan ranch dressing do you use? I got one recently and it was horrible. I'm more of a tahini based dressing girl myself, but the fella likes ranch and I'd like to find a better one for him.

    Salad looks great by the way.

  2. Hi Sara! I used the recipe for vegan ranch dressing linked in the above from Recipe Zaar. I used Veganiase for the mayo. I thought it worked well and would be even better with fresh herbs!