Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Ratatouille Moment

YouTube - Ratatouille

As Anton Ego savors his first bite of Ratatouille his thoughts instantly return to his Mother’s kitchen when he was a boy. He is remembering her comforting dish of Ratatouille and how it soothed his hurt over a scraped knee.

Both of my boys, who were 9 and 6 at the time, were moved to tears by this scene. Granted, they both are sensitive souls anyway and boys love their mamas, but I was touched that they associated such a tender moment with their own young lives, making the connection between Food & Love. They often comment on how my versions of favorite meals are the best because they contain a secret ingredient – Love.

Every family has at least one picky eater, however, and we're no exception. My youngest child will proclaim his love of, say, roasted red pepper hummus as an after-school snack, only to shun it the afternoon after I've stocked the refrigerator with enough hummus to last a week. One day he'll love my spicy chili, the next proclaim it too hot. You get the picture.

Needless to say, I never know what to expect when I set down a meal in front of my own little Anton Ego, so what happened next rocked me to my Mommy core. I had made roasted apples using the Roasted Applesauce recipe from Vegan with a Vengeance, but left the apples in slices. The aroma was lovely and enticing. As his mouth filled with the sweet, warm apples, I watched as my youngest son's face registered pleasure, then, surprisingly, clouded over as his eyes filled with tears. He literally jumped into my lap and wrapped his arms around me, sobbing. I was stunned. I couldn't fathom what had overcome him. As I held him and whispered "What's wrong?” he choked out one word - "Ratatouille". I knew instantly what he meant and held him even tighter.


  1. That is just the LOVELIEST thing I've ever read.
    I think I'm in an emotional mood today (this is nothing unusual for me mind you). That bought a tear to my eye. I can imagine the lump it bought to your throat.
    Our associations with the senses are truly magical.

  2. that made ME cry.
    You should write a commercial for the LOVE in vegan food with this post.

  3. that is so cute and very touching.

    I loved that movie. rachel ray even made ratatouille following remy's recipe. pretty cool.

  4. I've read "A Ratatoulle Moment" at least three time and got teary-eyed each time!

    I can't wait for your next vegan tale!

    I'm possibly your biggest fan.

    -KoolBeanz ;)

  5. THIS totally rocked ME to my mommy core.

    What a precious little soul you have there!